Friday, October 30, 2015

post modern princicples

For my post modern principles, I used play-doh to demonstrate different ideas/principles. The first picture demonstrates "text". I rolled out different lengths of play-doh and created the words faith and saves. Then I put faith vertically and saves horizontally. Now it reads faith saves in the shape of a cross.
For my second principle, I demonstrated "hybridity".  I made your favorite animal the zonkey!! Which is obviously a hybrid between a zebra and a donkey.
For my third post modern principle, I wanted to incorporate juxtaposition. You didn't capture a picture of it but my idea was to make scissors out of play-doh. This is juxtaposition because everyone knows soft items cannot cut through paper! :)


  1. Amazing! Your idea is very neat, I loved how you crossed the words save and faith.
    -Inez \(^-^)/

  2. I love that you used playdough and props to you for making three different projects with different principles

  3. yo gurl can i get yo number
    - jeremy ficher

  4. I love how you used multiple principals with one medium. You worked so well with the playdough, despite some struggles. Can't wait to see what more comes from you! {Possibly foresees epic wax hungergames thing} -Joanna Clark

  5. I love that you used play dough!
    -Sabrina Z