Wednesday, December 4, 2013


katie thought that we should do a portrait of john travolta because she liked his look in the movie grease. We first decided to use cd cases but later realized that the actual cds would be easier. we had to paint the different shades of grey and black and then posted them on the wall according to what the order was on katies picture of him. As we started putting them on the wall, it just looked like a bunch of random cds, but as you step back and take a farther look, the piece really came together. I thought this project was risky because i wasnt sure how it was going to come out or if it was even going to work. to be honest i was kind of nervous, but the different shades of cds side by side really do look like john (or elvis) from far away so i am very satisified with this project. We had to move around the bottom row a lot becasue the mouth never seemed to look right. but it all came together.

sticky situation
For my sticky situation, i wanted to paint something that was literally sticky. so i thought of foods or candys that would work for this project. Melting icecream is obviously sticky so thats what i painted. There are many patterns in my painting. such as the patterns on my icecream cone, and the repition of the circles in the background. My choice of media was acrylic paint and it was difficult to create a certain type of brown i wanted. Whenever i did find the perfect shade, i'd run out and have to try and create it again. i also hated how many times i had to paint the background but it came out how i wanted the end so its all good.