Art 1 Final Portfolio

1) My favorite project was the clay tile. I was able to draw one of my favorite animals, then scolpe it, then paint it. I used the color wheel, a value chart, and my references to help me with this project. I had the most fun with this project because I used my creativity to do what i wanted with the piece. The blending with the paints was sometimes difficult because i didn't get the exact color i wanted but i still played around with it and got the shades to work.The cheetah itself was hard to paint, it took 4 shades of different yellows for it to look like it does. I chose the cheetah in its natural environment, the safari, because the animal is beautiful and the landscape is as well. I enjoyed working on this project and hopefully i will get to use clay sometime in the future.

2) I learned a lot from the chalk project. This project taught me how to work with a group and feed off of each others ideas. Also, with chalk i had to use lots of colors and blend them together to make it seem realistic. The value aspect was very important because it needed to look like a real place, like Lindsey had actually been stuck there. I loved working with a group even though at times we disagreed, we helped each other out. They give positive or negative feed back.This project was where i started to elaborate in my work and didn't pass with it just looking good. I took my time on things and worked out any problems or issues i got stuck on.

3) With the landscape painting, I used ideas and concepts i have learned previously. We had just done a painting scheme and from that i learned how to blend colors and use them as i like. The painting color wheel helped me with my shading and helped me decide which color to use.We had also taken notes and wrote down exactly what we needed to use in order to make other colors we didn't have. Since we have started art, I have grown as a painter and drawer. I know things now that i didn't know then, as far as using different colors.This painting let me put everything together that i had just learned about art. I am happy with the fact that this was our final piece. It is something i can look back on and see just how much i have grown as an artist.

4) The stencil project did not do much for me. We drew a picture, cut it out, and then spray painted it. It did not allow me to show my creativity as much as other projects we have done and it just turned out messy. There were a lot of concepts in art to learn and this project hardly showed any of them. There is no practice of value, shading, or perspective. The paint went all over the place and cutting out the stencil took too long. By the time I was actually done cutting the stencil, I wanted to be done. I didn't have fun with this project as much as i would have liked to and working on it was such a drag. It was also my lowest project grade.\

5) I loved this game board drawing. I got to draw my favorite game and played it afterwards, it was one of the funnest projects. It shows my personality because i used very many bright and bubbly colors. I used lots of value and blended everything. It took time and patience but it wasnt very hard. I enjoed working on this because i enjoy drawing and coloring. I would do this agian if i could.

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