Friday, December 7, 2012

game drawings

Game Drawings in Perspective Critique 
Vocabulary to use: perspective, washes, watercolor, gradation, blending, colored pencils, overlapping, horizon, vanishing points, value, highlights, shadows
I really like my final piece. The value, shadows, highlights, and the way i blended the colors made it all come together and it really looked like a gameboard. This is one of my favorite projects, I really enjoyed coloring and making the vanishing points a huge part of the project. I feel like this project was very successful becuase the rooms get smaller and smaller farther away and the color gets darker and darker. the value was very good do to the shading and the perspective of the board seemed realistic. I think everything worked in this project, everything came together perfectly and seemed to work together very well. If i were to do this project over again, the only thing i would do differently would be to not use black watercolor on the parts i needed black. The black watercolor just seemed too dark and the blending seemed off. The most difficult part was the watercolor because a lot of the time it just got the paper too wet and wasnt working as well as i would have liked it to. I learned to shade, use vanishing points, and blend colors to add value into an art piece.

anamorphosis critique

Anamorphosis Critique

Word Bank: Use these vocabulary words in your responses. Please underline or make letters bold when you use them. 

Grid       colored pencils anamorphosis                 photoshop        transform         scale
Perspective      shadows             value                    

                I went to google images and chose a picture of fanta soda, then i went onto Photoshop and transformed the image much longer and wider to get that 3D affect. It had to be pulled to the right and left so it almost looked as if it was being stretched. The picute was changed by scale. By stretching the object, it made it look like it was coming up off the paper. so to a viewer, it looked like the can was standing ontop of the page. The most important concepts was the coloring, shading, and blending. Of corse the image had to look real, so by adding value to the picture, it made it look like a real fanta soda.


Famous Landmark or Transportation Stencil Critique

Word Bank: Use these vocabulary words in your responses. Please underline or make letters bold when you use them. 

Stencil                 Spray Paint       Xacto Knife        Positive/Negative Space
Composition    Collage                Photoshop        Threshold              Contrast

when I used Photoshop to change the picture to black and white, I printed out the picture and took it back to class. Then i used a projecter to copy the image from the paper to a poster that i later cut out with an xacto knife. I cut out very colorful images from magizines that poped out to me. I liked bright blues and greens so I got images that had those colors in them. There wasnt really a relation to my topic, but i liked the way it looked when it all came together. The colors seemed to blend together and it made the background seem a lot more interesting becasuse of the contrast. I used positive space for the background and negative space for the foreground. This caused the picture to look more realistic and background didnt take too much attention off my castle.When using the xacto knife, I had to be careful because the blade was so sharp. I held the knife carefully and my other hand was far away from the blade. I carved inward so there would not be any chances i got cut. The spray paint was fun and interesting. The color was very important because it helped make for an interesting and organized background.