Thursday, October 24, 2013

up close and personal couldnt think of a personal subject but i knew that my project had to be colorful so i thought a bright iguana would work. I tried to blend colors and also use darker/ lighter areas to show emphasis. I thought that having one color blend into another one would make the picture pop more. I used oil pastels on a black paper because i wanted contrast. I chose the oil pastels because they are very bright and colorful and thats what i wanted for my iguana. I wanted to keep my iguana on a small piece of paper but i was kinda pushed out of my comfort zone to draw much bigger. I was handed a huge piece of black constrution paper and felt iffy about drawing that big. it took a while but it was worth it and im glad i added trees in the back. I think i included technique in my art becasue i had an idea of what i wanted my piece to look like and it turned out the way i planned.