value sketch

Value Portraits Art Critique

Self evaluation (must write at least 3 sentences for each question)

1. Explain the process you went through to develop your drawing.
First I picked a picture of the board and determined who I was drawing. The windows in the trailer helped me find the different values of Anthony's face. It took a while to fully develop all the shading but the tracing paper defientially helped.
2. Explain how you found the different values in the portrait?
I put a tracing paper over the picture and circled all the darker values I saw. After that, I fliped the tracing paper over and took a dark pencil to draw all over the marks I had made on the other side. After doing so, I could put the paper back onto my sketchbook and retraced the image. It was easier having it my sketchbook to add value by shading my pencil darker where the darker values are and lighter where the lighter values are.
3.  Did you achieve a full range of the different values within your portrait?  How?
Yes, when I was done traceing over everything, I could just look back at the actual picture of him and see all the features clearly to get my light and dark values. Also, my value chart helped out a lot because I could see all the shades between just black and white.The pressure I put on my pencil was important because that is what determines how dark or light the shade is.
4. Describe your craftsmanship.  Is the artwork executed and crafted neatly?
It is neat for the most part. The hair was extremely hard to draw because of all the white and black shades. I think I did a good job though because I was patient and tried to be creative.
5. List any obstacles you had to overcome and how you dealt with them.
I had problems with my sketch after I copied everything over to my sketchbook. I had drawn my circles way too dark. I then had a hard time erasing the circles and marks on my paper in order to get the lightes values without having the obnoxious lines underneath them. I used a kneaded eraser and that seemed to work out well because it took most of those dark lines with away.

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