Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Art Three Final Exam Questions

Different artists have influenced me throughout this semester... depending on the type of art I was working on, my style and presentation have varied.
The artist of this painting, Robert Motherwell, used contemporary art to create a basic image of a yellowish/grey canvas with two black figures, simply called, "Two Figures". The two black figures reminded me of two long pathways that lead in different directions. The yellow and orange background then reminded me of a yellow wood, as heard in the poem "The Road Less Taken". Motherwell influenced me to take my idea and transform his art using the same general concept. I kept my art contemporary as well, used simple colors and simple images to display the same idea.

This was my favorite piece this semester. I enjoyed creating and destroying this artwork with the use of fire. Through the use of research, I found an artist named Steve Spazuk who actually paints with fire. He creates his artwork by holding a candle close to paper and draws with the smoke. He also incorporates stencils where he scrapes images into the soot with feathers and paint brushes to leave a different image behind. His work is very similar to what I did for this project and even though I found him after I created this piece, he still inspires me to use fire some time again in my art! You should check him out, his pieces are actually really cool....!