Friday, October 9, 2015

my favorite post modern principles

Interaction of text and image is one of my favorite post modern principles. The idea of a picture and text coming together to interplay between two elements is great for things like ads, commercials, logos, and banners. It is simple, and to the point where the viewer can understand the meaning and appreciate the combination. 
Hybridity is also another interesting concept where today's artists see the continuity of their bodies of work as the themes they explore, rather than the particular media they use. Two concepts can come together to work as one main idea. Many artists routinely incorporate various media into their pieces, whatever is required to fully investigate the subject.

The term juxtaposition is useful in helping students to discuss the familiar shocks of contemporary life in which images and objects from various realms and sensibilities come together in intentional clashes or in random happenings. I like juxtaposition because it is interesting to see what two opposites can come together to create a different perspective on objects.

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